IEEE Conference on Network Function Virtualization and Software Defined Networks
9 -12 November 2020 // Virtual Conference

Zoom Instructions for Participants

General Tips for Participants

Basic Session Structure:

  • 10 minutes before the Session: The host will start the designated Zoom meeting.
  • 2 minutes before the Session: The host will start the recording.
  • 1 minute before the Session: The Session Chair introduces the session.
  • Beginning of the Session: The Session Chair will introduce the presenter. The talk will be presented live or by using the video recording submitted by the presenter.

Q&A Session

A live Q&A Session will follow each talk (except for tutorials), moderated by the Session Chair:

  • Participants will be muted and they will need submit questions during the video presentation before the Q&A Session starts.
  • The Session Chair will select and ask the questions during the Q&A session. There may not be enough time  answer all questions. The Chair will make sure to ask related questions in the approximate order that they were first submitted.
  • The Chair will have the ability to unmute participants if this is needed to elaborate on their questions (please note that due to the limited Q&A duration, participants may want to discuss with the author(s) off-line).

Zoom Tips:

  • Each session will have a host, a Session Chair, a presenter and participants. See Zoom Roles in a Webinar.
  • Host: This will be the user with a special icon by the side of the profile. This person facilitates the use of the technology and could be the same person as the Session Chair in some sessions. (NAME: Host * or Chair *).
  • Session Chair: This person is present to coordinate the session and manage Q&A. (NAME: Chair *).
  • For a stable connection to the meeting, please check the Zoom Webinar Best Practices and Resources.

Detailed Zoom Guide for Participants

Initial Zoom setup:

Please install Zoom  in advance.


During the Session:

The Session Chair will mute your microphone during the entire Session.

How to Ask Questions

Option 1: Chat

You can join the discussion with other attendees by sending messages to “Everyone” or you can chat privately with the Session Chair by selecting their name from the drop down list. Learn more about Using Webinar Chat.

Zoom Webinar Chat

Option 2: Q&A Session

Following the video presentation there is a short Q&A session.

We request participants to use Q&A panel on the side-panel on the right of the Zoom window. If not shown, one can click on the Zoom Chat Icon icon to enable the Q&A panel.

You can post your questions in the Q&A window anytime during the Session. If you need to refer to the presentation, please indicate clearly the page number of the slides. If there is no page number available, please note down the time of the relevant content.

Zoom Q&A

At the end of the talk, the Session Chair will select and ask the presenter to answer some of the questions in sequence they were submitted and within the allotted Q&A period and will try to cover as many questions as possible depending on the allotted time.


Conferencing, online and in-person can be exhausting! We need to take breaks. We will take breaks. Breaks are built-in to the schedule!

  • Stand up and stretch, get a snack, come back refreshed!
  • If you leave Zoom on, make sure that your microphone is muted during the break.